How To Run Accurate Background Checks Of Texas Criminal Records Online

 Do you want to run a background check on your daughter’s fiancé?

Do you want to make sure that the teacher you are hiring for your Texas high school does not have any history of criminal activity or sex offense?

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Or maybe you searching for a long-lost old friend?

Seeking out public or criminal records that are accurate and comprehensive is easier today than it used to be in the past.  Before the internet, placing a formal requests with the public records department meant a long wait and a hefty paper trail which resulted in a long drawn out process before you could get the information that you requested.

Nowadays, the alternative is to turn to online public record search services.

There are many private services that promise accurate information on an individual, on request. However, background checks are a delicate business and it easy to try a free background check service and get the wrong info.

It is very important to make sure that the information you collect is accurate and without error. Using wrong information can lead to damaged relationships, damaged reputations for the individual concerned, and even potential libel. You should only work with responsible public record search services that source their information from National, state and local police records.


The Texas Department of Public Safety offers some access to records of Class B misdemeanor arrests, prosecutions and case dispositions. But public record search services like Instant Checkmate can bring you more comprehensive data on the individual you are investigating. The service has access to the most accurate information, and is fully aware of the sensitivity of the data that they provide access to.


The Availability of Accurate Criminal Records


Accurate criminal records are necessary not only for the justice system, lawyers and others who have made criminal justice their profession. They have become important in many aspects of regular life. Employers, professional licensing organizations, volunteer programs and even families about to welcome a new member into their folds are turning to public records for background checks. Voter registrations are another area where accurate criminal records are particularly important.


National criminal databases as well as local and state databases carry the criminal history of adult offenders forever. Even in cases where charges have been dismissed, and in cases where prosecution was declined, the records are still stored as part of the full history of the individual’s criminal records. If the records have been expunged or destroyed with permission as far as public records is concerned, the data is usually still maintained for the purposes of criminal justice.


Today, families are also choosing to carry out background checks on potential new members, to ensure their safety. Universities carry out background checks on potential employees. In the interest of public safety, Instant Checkmate helps thousands of Americans not only in Texas but around the country research arrest records, addresses and phone numbers, census data, demographic data and a wide variety of other types of information stored in public records about individuals.


100 Percent Private Texas Criminal Records Searches


If you are looking for the Texas criminal records of an individual online, eVerify can make your task easier. Instant Checkmate is a public records search service that helps you to find out any kind of information that you are seeking about an individual.


Our service is aimed at providing clients the most accurate, useful and detailed information on anyone. We are also enthusiastic about helping our customers and take pride in our responsiveness. Public safety officials may not always have the time to immediately get back to you on your requests, but we aim to offer timely, detailed arrest records and information that you will truly find useful.


Searching for records is easy. Simply visit our website and enter in the details of the person you are running a background check on. Enter First and Last names, location (by state). We run a check across a variety of sources including:


  • Marriage records
  • Divorce records
  • Birth records
  • Sexual offences
  • Traffic Offences
  • Arrest Records
  • Misdemeanors
  • Relatives
  • Address information
  • Phone numbers
  • Felonies
  • Licenses
  • Important Court Documents


We check country data sources, state data sources, federal data sources and even social media profiles to bring you the information that you need. In the past, you had to pay a private detective to obtain this kind of information or request information from the government or the police. But now, you no longer have to pay hundreds of dollars in order to get a detective to find out what you can for yourself, online. In addition, the searches are 100 percent private – the person you run a check on will never find out.


With the help of the service, users can

  • Sleep better knowing that their children are safe with their new babysitters, housekeepers, teachers and others
  • Run detailed reports on their children for their safety and find out any registered sex offenders located near them
  • Find old friends who are out of touch with social media
  • Run background checks on potential employees and avoid recruitment of potentially dangerous individuals who may have covered up their criminal histories.


Up-to-date and Affordable Information


All information provided by eVerify is up-to-date, so that you only pay for accurate information. Our reports are also priced at much lower rates than our competition. Many background check websites can charge $200 for one report or charge hidden fees that you are not made aware of at the outset.


With VeriSpy, you can obtain a standard report with data from social media networks and dating sites, include possible relatives in the search report and other data for free. For a more comprehensive report with data collected from many more sources, you can obtain the Premium Report for a small fee of $19.99 per report.


Organizations that run bulk searches can, for a small monthly fee (of less than $10 a month for six months or a little over $22 for a month), gain access to unlimited number of searches and full report generations. They can then only pay for the Premium Reports they want. In order to ensure the accuracy of the data we provide, we spend thousands of dollars and gain access to the highest quality public records.


Find out what eVerify can do for you today, in your search for Texas criminal records and other data with a 100 percent private and affordable public records search engine.