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Instant and unlimited people search. The most comprehensive backgrounds of over 1 billion people's records in one clear report. is the one-stop solution to the problems involved in verifying someone's identity and credentials.

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Our Deep Web Search tool is an easy way of locating important information about people.

Scan the internet to find:

Blogs & Websites
Professional connections
Social Networking Profiles
publications and documents
And other!
Our criminal record database is second to none!

Criminal Records reports include:

Arrest & convictions
Felonies & misdemeanor
Sex offenders
Mug shots
Criminal driving infractions
Court and probation records
And more.
Whether you want to locate an old friend, a long lost family member, or a simply look up an unfamiliar phone number you can do it all with our People Search feature. Look up peoples:

Phone numbers
Email addresses
Address history
Relatives and associates
Our Background Investigation ser-
vices can help you uncover informa-
tion that is not available in public.

Reports include:

Court Records
Marriage/Divorce Records
Birth Records
Death Records
Property Records
Asset Information
All info in one clear report.

Our Backgroundchecker combines all the info from multiple databases in one clear report. No more ordering multiple reports like on other sites. Simply click the search button, and background checker will do the rest. Criminal Records, Social Media data, People Finder, Court records, Convictions, propperty records, Social media data, etc etc.. ALL the info will be presented to you in one clear file. Sometimes you just need to be sure about a person’s history.

Why Perform a Free Background Check Online

In today's world, people can claim to be anyone, have been anywhere, or have done anything. There was a time when checking someone's background meant expensive searches through law enforcement files, hours on the phone checking references, and ensuring the person was who they said they were and that they had done, or hadn't done, what they said. Today there are a number of sites that promise a free background check, but this kind of "free" comes with some fine print. You only get the information after you pay an expensive membership fee or sign up for a lengthy contract, and even then, the information may not be entirely up to date or accurate. is the one-stop solution to the problems involved in verifying someone's identity and credentials. With a simple, easy to use search system, you can inquire by name and state of residence to find all the information you need to make a responsible hiring decision concerning a job applicant or independent contract, find a lost friend or family member, or find out if a person really is who he claims to be.

Some of the information Freebackgroundchecker offers includes:
-Criminal convictions
-DMV history
-Credit history
-Social media profiles and activity linked to a given person
-Marriage and divorce history and records
-Asset information
-Sex offender status

and much, much more.

Instead of ordering multiple reports from state agencies and private parties, hiring an expensive private investigator, waiting for all the information to be gathered in one spot, and then making a decision, our quick and easy search system gives you results in just seconds.
If a potential employee claims to have had an article published in a publication relevant to your field, you can find out in moments, rather than having to search through multiple search engines to be sure they actually did.

Even better, once you sign up with Freebackgroundchecker, you can conduct unlimited background checks on employee and prospective hire records, as often as you need to. This can help you make promotion or downsizing decisions based on criminal charges or convictions your employees may not have seen fit to mention to you, comments made on social media, blogs, or websites concerning your company or the competition, and other relevant data.
Additionally, it can help you reward employees who have gone above and beyond in their efforts to recruit for and promote the company to the general public without your noticing.

The best part of Freebackgroundchecker, however, is its price! When we say free, we mean it. You can conduct a free background check on anyone for seven days with no limits, no hassles, and no charge. If you'd rather try it out once to see how it compares with your current background checking system, we offer a one-time use for only $19.95! After the seven-day trial period, you can choose to cancel your membership or you are charged a monthly access fee that allows unlimited access and background reports on employees, contractors, and even yourself!

Powered by eVerify, a service of the Department of homeland secutiry, is fully compliant with all regulations of the DHS and Executive Order 13465 (2008), which requires government contractors to register for and have access to online immigration and national origin search software specified by DHS. Because of this, you can be sure that you won't have to worry about hiring an undocumented alien or someone whose background and past history is less than what you would want representing your company.

Because Freebackgroundchecker can access publicly available state and federal records concerning prospective hires, it's like having a private investigator on call around the clock, whenever you need to know about a specific individual. We even has a mobile version, allowing you to check a person's background right from your smart phone or laptop in seconds.

Unlike a private investigator, does all the work for you in a fraction of the time and for much less money than a PI would charge, while giving you information even most private investigators can't match!

Rather than needing a social security number, date of birth, and other sensitive information that many websites require, Freebackgroundchecker will tell you everything you need to know about a person simply by entering their first and last name and possible state of residence. Perhaps your business requires that all employees disclose all active Social Media accounts, or that any other names or aliases they have been known by be divulged. Until recently, if a private investigator or human resources person couldn't find conflicting information, companies were forced to take a job applicant at their word. With Freebackgroundchecker's free background check software, you know for sure whether your employees and candidates are being honest or not.

With no limits on how many free background checks you can run for your small monthly membership, there's never been a better time than right now to try Freebackgroundchecker for yourself. Because all the information this service gathers is in the public domain as a matter of government record, verifying identity, employment, legal right to work in the United States, and criminal background is simpler and faster than ever before.

While we all want to trust that the people we've hired are honest, upstanding individuals and that our instincts would never steer us wrong, this is not always the case.
That's why makes it so easy to find out all you need to know about your employees for the good of your business.

Compare Freebackgroundchecker to your current verification and background service today.
We're confident that once you see the array and completeness of information, you'll never use another background checker! With a free background check that's not only really free but gives you crucial information about your employees, the only thing you have to lose is your worry about your employees' honesty.

Try it today!

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